Our portfolio


MANTA is one of the largest online resources dedicated to small business. They deliver products, services and educational opportunities that are effective, easy to understand and geared to help business owners become more competitive in their respective industries. Sharing a common ambition, we corporate in the creation of the Manta Academy to offer in-depth educational resources that help small business owners grow, succeed and learn at their own speed. Our mission to empower small businesses continues to be inspired by their significant impact on an individual, local and national level. Manta Offices Corporate Headquarters 8760 Orion Place, Ste. 100 Columbus, OH, USA 43240


WEB DESIGN SOLUTIONS UNLIMITED offers professional Custom website development services, from Web hosting, Website Design to Website Creation & Development. Together with their Sales & Marketing Software, SEO & SEM Development & Consulting available, our resources in Virtual – Reality Technology are making the Web designed unique, efficient for your client in a fast and ever changing Internet market.


APPNOVATION is a global Digital Solutions and Managed Services provider delivering strategy, application development and enterprise integration on leading open technologies. Appnovation works extensively with technology and agency partners to provide their clients with innovative technology solutions. Our technology partnership with Appnovation provides integrated marketing and technology solutions to their clients. Appnovation is constantly expanding their partner ecosystem to better serve the clients.